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Christian + Dewi | Wedding Day

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014


Kelvin + Vonny | Happy Wedding to My Lovely Sister

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

There is an unwritten rule for the eldest brother in a family that you should take care and protect your little brother and sister. I get used to it since my younger age until now. Sometime I became a bit control freak to them and made them feel annoyed, but deep inside they know that I do care about them.

And the day has come, when I finally have to let them independent and build their life with the love of their life. And this time is Vonny, my youngest sister, that will tie the knot with the man of his life, Kelvin. Fortunately, Kelvin is not a stranger for our family. He’s been dating Vonny for 6 years before he finally proposed her to be his wife with a very sweet and romantic surprise in Bali. Kelvin has not just won my sister’s heart, but also the whole family, including my kids, especially my eldest son. Uncle Kelvin is his favorite Uncle and also my Son’s best friend.

For years of experience as a Wedding Photographer, this is the first time I shoot a wedding with tears in my eyes. It’s a mixed feeling of happiness as a brother to see my little sister, Vonny, finally found the love of her life and honestly a bit sad because I know that she will move to her new house, far away from our house. Deep in my heart, I also know that my kids will miss their aunty so much for her caring and definitely her generosity to buy them toys, ice cream and those kiddos favorites.

Happy Wedding Kelvin and Vonny!! 🙂 Have a brand new life.. May the love of Jesus Christ will always be with your family.

“Big” thanks to my team…proud of you guys :)…and also our “famous” MUA Chandra Gunawan 🙂


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